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Founded in 1979, Ramdraft Pty. Ltd. has been providing manufacturers with process automation solutions for over 30 years.Originally offering design consulting services to chemical and petrochemical industries, Ramdraft moved in to Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and then PLC system design in the 80s.

With the introduction of DOS based SCADA systems and the shift to the Windows platform, Ramdraft continued to utilize the latest technologies throughout the 90s and into the 3rd mellenium.With a strong customer base, Ramdraft continues to build on its proven reputation as one of Australia’s leading providers of automation integration services.

The underlying principle driving our applications is the desire to exceed our clients’ expectations on each and every project.

“Just enough is just not good enough.”

Automation Delivers

Reduced Human Inconsistence

Repeatable Manufacturing

Reliable Delivery of Product

Increased Quality of Goods

Excellent Return on Investment

Ramdraft’s skills in automation are to provide a single source capability from project concept, through project scope, user requirement documentation support, functional description document support, hardware and software design specifications, electrical/instrumentation/automation CAD drawings, PLC programming, HMI/SCADA programming, data historian storage/retrieval, management and production reporting systems, site construction supervision, control system testing and commissioning, operations and maintenance manual technical writing, control system installation qualification, operational qualification and performance qualification support, and control system life cycle maintenance support. Our software and deliverables are designed in accordance with GAMP5 (ISPE – Good Automated Manufacturing Practice Version 5) which is internationally adopted for pharmaceutical automation works to meet FDA (USA), TGA (Australia and New Zealand) and PIC/S (Europe) requirements.

Ramdraft commission and validate plants to FDA standard. They provide systems that capture and monitor data as the factory is running, whether that be materials input, production plant , HVAC systems, water and waste and environmental monitoring. Data collected is used for ongoing monitoring and audit tracking to international standards. Ramdraft provide full documentation including Site Acceptance Tests (SAT), Operations and Maintenance (O&M), Safety Data Sheets, Electrical drawings and Testing, Calibration data and full user manuals. Ramdraft provide full training to staff and ongoing monitoring and support as required.